Start working for Tembo

At our group of companies, we focus on technology. We are active in dynamic markets, especially with developing flexible machine platforms for high volume and high precision production.

Our customers rely on us and on our innovations, to produce better, new and alternative products.

Make your ideas reality and strenghten our customers

We are an innovative organization. Thanks to our creative employees we are able to develop the most advanced and high-end modular machines in the market, worldwide. We will give you the opportunity to be entrepreneurial and to convert your own ideas into reality. We expect you to contribute to the fact that our customers stay and become the innovative leaders of their market.

Worldwide colleagues and customers

Head office of our group of companies is in Kampen (The Netherlands). Most of our business activities are taking place in other countries, inside and outside of Europe. So are our more than thousand employees. We have engineering companies and service centres all around the world. Our machines can be found at production sites of multinationals. When working with our group, you will probably take the plane regularly, to visit clients or one of our own sites. You will connect with colleagues and customers all over the world.

Continuous learning

We want you to develop yourself. Our goal is to enable you to continuously keep on learning, within our organization. You will be in the lead of how you want to develop yourself. We will give you support and invest in your development, to make sure you can grow with our company and our company can grow by you.

Sustainable and social

We are a family-owned organization. We appreciate long term relationships and long term value creation. That is why we are a sustainable and social active organization. We invest in (experimental) sustainable energy-solutions and contribute to social causes. We prefer to contribute to these social causes in our immediate surroundings, from the involvement of our employees.

SPI Developments
Business Development Manager

I like that SPI is a creative and forward-thinking company, full of ideas. And with SPI joining Tembo, I have developed new skills and ventured into new areas of the organization. Whether I am learning more about the industry or the group’s organization, there is always something to learn. 

Tricas industrial design & engineering
Sales Project Manager

Tricas is part of Tembo and specializes in product development. ‘We have one mission; together and for our clients, developing innovative, attractive and feasible products; so called Next Generation Products.’

Below you will read an interview with Sebo Popken, Sales Project Manager at Tricas.