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At Tembo, we create high-tech manufacturing solutions for better sustainable products in fast moving consumer markets.

Our mission

As a family business with 1,200 employees across the globe, we believe in our responsibility to our people, our planet, and the customers we serve. By helping our customers to produce sustainable alternatives, we can enhance lives and leave ahead a better future. And this is more urgent than ever before: the world changes fast and global brands need to adapt their product portfolio to meet consumer needs and new legislation on sustainability.

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Innovation is part of our DNA

At Tembo, we are very familiar with pioneering and adapting to change: Since 1912, time has taught us many valuable lessons; lessons on winning, losing and anticipating. Over the years, our company has always been able to prepare for the rapid change ahead, managing the challenge of “the unknown”.

As innovation is in our DNA, we have developed our cross-over philosophy to develop next generation products. Besides that, our product and machine development go hand-in-hand. With this unique approach we deliver future-proof manufacturing technology, a deep understanding of products and materials and ownership of production output. This provides our customers a faster time to market and gain a competitive advantage. 

Our company values

At Tembo, we have guiding principles and fundamental beliefs, helping us to work as a team towards common goals, supporting our vision and shaping our culture. We have 5 company values that guide us: Joy and Pride, Creativity, Longevity, Authenticity and Expertise.

Global presence

On a global scale, our companies provide services and technologies including high-end manufacturing solutions and maintenance to a growing range of markets. Therefore we want to be a trustworthy innovation partner. A partner that is ahead in technology, has a deep understanding of customers needs, knows their products and materials, providing an effective global presence and has a clear focus on sustainability.

People first

We want you to develop yourself. Our goal is to enable you to continuously keep on learning, within our organization. You will be in the lead of how you want to develop yourself. We will give you support and invest in your development, to make sure you can grow with our company and our company can grow by you.

Marketing Intern

My name is Joyce de Bruin and I’m a third-year communication student, at Windesheim in Zwolle. To be honest I didn’t know what kind of internship I was looking for, but when I saw the intern vacancy for the marketing department, I was excited. A large international family business seemed interesting to me, as turned out to be!

Business Development Manager

I like that SPI is a creative and forward-thinking company, full of ideas. And with SPI joining Tembo, I have developed new skills and ventured into new areas of the organization. Whether I am learning more about the industry or the group’s organization, there is always something to learn. 

Managing Director

The key to success is a combination of basic concept, correct technology implementation, CAD/CAM design and programming, logistics and production preparation, production processes with quality standards, and of course having the right people leading the process. If one individual in that chain fails, the final result simply won’t hold up!!


Business Development manager at ITM Poland

In a series of interviews, we have asked our employees what working at Tembo means to them. We asked questions to Pawel Augustyn, Business Development manager at ITM Poland, one of Tembo's companies. Check out his answers below!

Sales Project Manager

Tricas is part of Tembo and specializes in product development. ‘We have one mission; together and for our clients, developing innovative, attractive and feasible products; so called Next Generation Products.’

Below you will read an interview with Sebo Popken, Sales Project Manager at Tricas.

Intern Engineering

‘I’ve always had an interest in engineering. By visiting several open days at a number of different colleges, I was able to filter out most programmes. In the end, there were two programmes left that I had to choose between. I took a gamble and opted for mechanical engineering, mostly because of its high versatility and many specialisation options. The gamble paid off in the end.’

Application Administrator

What I like about this company is that they support everybody to innovate. Working at Tembo might be considered as a choice to define your own successfulness. There are many possibilities to develop yourself and to excel, you just have to seize the opportunity.