Working at Tembo: Allard Doornebal #WeAreTembo

Sales Manager
Working at Tembo: Allard Doornebal #WeAreTembo

1. What does it mean for you to work at the Tembo family company?

When a family runs a company, the desire to keep things profitable and stable for future generations is usually very strong. Decision making is not only money driven but a lot more values are taken into the equation. The lines are short and we feel invited to contribute to the future of our company.

2. 'Innovation': do you find it important and can you explain it?

Without innovation there is no future. In order to have a sustainable future we have to keep innovating to create enough added value for our customers and therewith for ourselves. We do not want to compete on pricing and compromise on margins which we need to subsidize our innovations.

3. Tembo is an international company with worldwide customers and colleagues. There are different countries, languages and habitats. How do you deal with that?

I love to meet different people in their different cultures. This combined with the high-tech machinery we develop and produce is the ideal mix for me to keep me going!

4. If you could change something in your 'sales job', what could it be? More, less, never again, or I would love to?

I would love to meet more people who like to start new adventures and being able to help them through this process with all our knowledge and capabilities. Preferably with the smaller companies where the decision-making process can be made within weeks.

5. What does the future with Allard and Tembo look like?

At the moment it is very hard to predict the future. Our roots are in Tobacco and this industry is under enormous pressure. Together with our customers we are searching for new, next generation products, which again is very unpredictable and therefore it is hard to find a focus.

But as long as we can find the right balance between investing in new technology and being able to sell and produce series of machinery, we will have a good future.

The positive thing is that we are a healthy family business being around for over 100 years and we have the privilege to work with great customers which also are being around for a long time and are very healthy companies too!'

Thanks Allard!