Working at Tembo: Arend van der Sluis #WeAreTembo

Chairman of the Board of Directors
Working at Tembo: Arend van der Sluis #WeAreTembo

Be part of the family

My great-great-grandfather Hendrikus van der Sluis started this company in 1912. Hendrikus made cigars by hand. Driven by his pioneer mentality, we are now at the forefront of the development of sustainable technology and innovation.

Prosperity often comes and goes. Today, we are a very successful company and strive towards goals that are more ambitious than ever. Our success is proportionate to our surroundings. We love to co­-create, discover new markets, use the newest technologies and share expertise ­ with enjoyment and pride.

Despite challenging times, we believe it will create opportunities for highly automated yet flexible production machinery, so that it can be deployed competitively anywhere around the world.

We create and maintain strong relationships with our employees, suppliers, partners and clients like they are members of our family. We are proud of our roots in the Netherlands and of the fact that we have expanded into a group of companies with over 1,100 talented employees all over the world.