Working at Tembo: Pawel Augustyn #WeAreTembo

Business Development manager at ITM Poland
Working at Tembo: Pawel Augustyn #WeAreTembo

1. Please could you introduce yourself?

I am Pawel, ITM Poland Business Development Manager of the Reclaiming Technology Division. Employee no. 465, a lucky man, happily married to Marta and with some great friends. I live in Radom city, where I was born.

2. When did you start working at ITM?

Just after graduating in 2003. ITM has close ties and a very strong relationship with the University of Radom. Both ITM and the university facilitate/stimulate technology transfer. I was studying Mechanics and Automation, and joined an ITM company tour, where a group of Tech students had been invited. I was impressed, not knowing that the company was so innovative and internationally focused! During the tour I was amazed by the company’s performance and professionalism.

I applied for a job at ITM. During this time I was preparing technical documentation for the Primary machinery (how to maintain this machine, how to change parts, operations). It was my first practical experience of how machines are built. Step by step I gained more knowledge.

3. How has ITM helped you in your career development?

I have to admit that ITM is very open for any idea of personal development. Even when after working two years at ITM, and while still enjoying my work and being constantly challenged every day, I felt I needed to break out of the routine which had set in and I wanted to travel to Australia and learn English. My manager approved and promised me I could return to ITM. When I re-joined ITM, I was energized, equipped with more skills than I had before and could immediately apply them to my work environment, seeing opportunities instead of problems. 

I started work in Technical Documentation, and some months later I was promoted to Project coordinating, and later supporting the Sales department (Back Office). Our previous director, Andrew Stanikowski, asked me later to join Sales for Primary equipment, and so I did.

4. How has ITM changed?

ITM is an international company that’s developing rapidly. I enjoy meeting foreign people, from different backgrounds, cultures and upbringing.I believe ITM has become more and more an innovation partner for our customers. Regarding my responsibility in particular, I have noticed that reclaiming tobacco and other materials is becoming increasingly important in the market. We launched our first recovery platform, Delphi, over 20 years ago. With this solution, tobacco can be retrieved precisely from all available tobacco products such as cigarettes, cigarillos and cigars, and be reused easily.

With Delphi, ITM became a leader in reclaiming. We have already sold over 180 machines (so almost 180 factories have an ITM reclaiming solution). The market and the technical solutions are evolving, bringing with them uncertainties about what the next generation of products will be and how to deal with regulations…

Over the years, we have improved efficiency, focusing on quality, and developed a mini reclaimer, the Delphini and later the Delphi 2.


The challenge of today is that New is not new anymore. We are all involved with multinationals, collecting information and thinking along with them. Everything is changing and being able to respond rapidly to these changes is essential. 

I am proud of the fact that ITM was the first company involved with the development of machinery for NGP products...

It’s great to be a part of it – from the technical side, because it’s dynamic and evolving, thus never boring!

5. If you could exchange your job with anyone else within ITM, whose job would you want?

Just got it!

My job provides me the opportunity to meet a variety of people from internal stakeholders to product developers/suppliers to clients. I like starting up new projects and learning what our potential customers need and helping them to fulfill their needs to grow their business. New projects give me the possibility to create new things and teach me something interesting I didn’t already know. My job is varied and rarely boring. Before this I was responsible for the areas of Ukraine and Africa, but since my position changed, I don’t travel so much anymore. 

I have had the opportunity to work in several departments, from Technical Documentation, Project Coordination, Back Office for Sales, and now Sales. In all of these positions I participated in bigger or smaller projects that were my favorite at that time. Now I am excited to add projects to my list from my current position.

6. What have you gained from working at ITM?

What I have gained is who I am now. It means how I have evolved at many levels of my personal capabilities and skills.

7. What is on your wish list for the next 10 years with ITM?

Still coming to the office with the eagerness and satisfaction from dealing with new challenges as I do now.

8. What is the favorite part about working for ITM?

Feeling being part of a family, working with great people, successfully finished projects.

9. What has been your proudest moment at ITM?

I have experienced many moments of pride: a happy customer, finalizing challenging projects together with others. In recent years, seeing ITM Technology like the multi filter combiner Solaris that determines new trends in the industry and helping with developing next gen products.

10. What do you do when you have a day off?

I love to spend time on the Vistula River or lake-shore fishing. I also like cooking with friends. Most of us are busy, with work, school, kids’ activities, homework and other responsibilities. Cooking together gives us a chance to pause, catch up and just connect with each other. I also like biking and doing simple things around the house, alone and with handy tools/equipment!

Thank you Pawel, keep going!