Working at Tembo: Guido Mulder #WeAreTembo

Management trainee
Working at Tembo: Guido Mulder #WeAreTembo

A company that builds something and where innovation is key.

I started working at Tembo in September 2018. I was hired as a Management Trainee; for the first two years, I will change positions a few times to gain experience and I receive extra guidance.

My job focuses on project management. From projects to improve the factory to specific projects for clients, and currently, I am working on a whole program of internal projects.

The combination of a company where something is actually built and where innovation is key, was an important reason for me to come work here.

Flexibility and sustainability are at the heart of Tembo

The work atmosphere at Tembo is informal: the door is always open and everyone is flexible and willing to help. It’s turned into a large company, but there isn’t a lot of bureaucracy and the responsibilities are at lower levels in the organisation. This makes for a pleasant work method, in which everyone is very involved.

What appeals to me is the flexibility and sustainability at the heart of Tembo. For example, there are 1700 solar panels on the roof of our main office in Kampen. This is directly combined with innovation by testing a new type of energy storage with a flow battery, with hydrogen and bromine as the active elements.