Why would you like to work for Tembo?

As a creative and entrepreneurial (starting) professional, the best company to work for, is the company which honors your capabilities. At Tembo we are passionate about creativity and expect our employees to take initiative and be willing to take responsibility!

To enable our customers to be leading innovators, in dynamic and forward looking industries, at our Tembo companies we design technical solutions. We are able to create these high-end solutions, because the best and brightest people work at our group of companies. 

Transform ideas into reality

Our employees have the knowledge and creativity to build on existing technologies and adapt them to the needs of our customers. They use the knowledge that our customers and suppliers have, and work closely with them. They take the initiative to explore new ideas and feel responsible for successfully completing each project.

Grow rapidly

Being new in our organization, you will grow rapidly. This is because your colleagues will support you in any way they can. To get familiarized with our way of working, you can participate in an introduction program. During your career we encourage and support you in following courses and training. We believe in the value of personal development, in the initiative, talent and in creativity of all individuals who transform their passion for innovation in something real, every day.

Focus on excellence

At Tembo, more than 1100 people work in small, focused teams. These teams are agile, efficient and focused on excellence. Because our group consists of fifteen companies, each of our companies can excel in its own expertise, while benefiting from the capabilities of the other group members. At the Tembo companies the pace is fast, the work is stimulating, structure is minimal and innovation is expected. 

You can shape the work you do and how you do it, right from your very first day. 

Meet our employees
ITM Kampen
Officer Sales Support

The freedom to grasp opportunities and to work on own initiatives is what I like the most about ITM. You are supported and encouraged to do the thing that you believe in.

Eme Engel Machinefabriek en Engineering B.V.
Warehouse Employee

I like the contacts I have with customers. Most attractive part of my job is that I can think of solutions to problems, but also hearing from customers that they are satisfied. Fortunately, that is very often. 

Marketing Intern

I appreciated the freedom and responsibility I was getting at Tembo. I was never treated like an intern, but always like a colleague. I was given the opportunity to improve myself and learn a lot in the process. 

ITM Germany
Electrical and Controls Engineer

At the office I develop and test ideas for improvements in our electrical and control systems. I go to customers to start up new machines and to support them when needed. I am involved in the complete process.

ITM Kampen
Mechanical Service Engineer

We all work close together and take on the challenge to reach perfection. That’s what makes our company strong, because a company is as good as the people working for it.


Are you looking for an internship? To find out if you and Tembo are a great match, you can read our employee testimonials.


This time two trainees speak about their internship at Tembo: Leon Kleis and Patrick van Weeghel.

Tricas industrial design & engineering

Tricas is a very informal and innovative company. I feel like the owners stand next to their employees. The company is involved in many different projects in different sectors, which makes Tricas the ideal company for me. 

Software Engineer

There is so much variety in my job. Every day brings something new. We have an international focus and the company offers me lots of possibilities to develop myself.

Application Administrator

What I like about this company is that they support everybody to innovate. Working at Tembo might be considered as a choice to define your own successfulness. There are many possibilities to develop yourself and to excel, you just have to seize the opportunity.

ITM Service Centre Asia
Service Engineer (mechatronic)

A great benefit of working at ITM? I receive a lot of training. I am developing myself tremendously and I am well prepared for every situation regarding all of our machine platforms.

Mechanical Engineer

I think for my colleagues, there are no problems too difficult to solve. When I look around at our company, I see the  the continuous desire to develop better solutions.

ITM Poland
Executive Assistant

In my opinion, I haven’t built a career, but I gained the best experience in doing by learning. Our company serves as a driving force propelling team members to succeed.

SPI Developments
Business Development Manager

I like that SPI is a creative and forward-thinking company, full of ideas. And with SPI joining Tembo, I have developed new skills and ventured into new areas of the organization. Whether I am learning more about the industry or the group’s organization, there is always something to learn.