Working at Tembo: Sebo Popken #WeAreTembo

Sales Project Manager
Working at Tembo: Sebo Popken #WeAreTembo

What does it mean for you to work at Tricas?

For me, working in the Tricas world mainly means inspiration. Inspiration to develop myself and to work with the team on the future of our customers.

What is your 'footprint' on this?

With my "sales" footprint in the Tricas team, I want to try to offer a varied portfolio of assignments. Assignments that are both technically challenging and that lead to a positive financial result.

Crossover innovation... can you explain in plain English? 

Tricas is an industrial design agency that distinguishes itself by focusing on crossover innovation. What does that mean? Using solutions in both technology and materials from other branches to make the next step in a new concept or product or its improvement. An example of both out of the box and cross-over; With the mechanical properties of a reusable water bottle, we have developed a laser gun that can withstand forces that arise during a laser game.

What does Sebo's (dream) future look like?

My dream is to initiate and realize the dreams or parts of them from our customers, so that they can take the next step forward…

'Think out-of-the-box!' Does it fit in the 'sustainable' vision of Tembo?

As an example of "out of the box", I want to take you into the development of a manure robot. An important part is disposable and weighs 70 kg. By constructing it entirely from steel, this component has a scrap value for every recycling company anywhere in the world. It saves transport costs for returning the part in question. In addition, it is constructed without a welding operation, so that it can also be assembled by less skilled employees.