Working at Tembo: Krista Fixe #WeAreTembo

Sales and Marketing Manager
Working at Tembo: Krista Fixe #WeAreTembo

What does it mean for you to work for The Eenhoorn / The Olifant?

It’s really nice to work for The Eenhoorn and The Olifant. I love the craftsmanship and products that we make and I think it’s a unique business. In my job, I try to convince other people of the quality and uniqueness of our company and to create more awareness of our beautiful brands! It is sometimes challenging due to the image of tobacco products, but I think we have a real opportunity to change our mindset more to coffee and tea instead of cigars. There is a real commitment from all of the employees and I get the feeling that I can share my ideas and plans.

What do you add yourself? And not too modest, Krista!

I like being modest! I am really passionate about The Eenhoorn and The Olifant and I can translate that in contact with our (potential) clients. Because I have worked in our coffee bar and shop, I have a lot of knowledge of the products and the way things work in our company. Since I have started, we have more focus on the online visibility of The Eenhoorn, on the website and on social media, ways to reach more potential customers. '

'Pure quality. Handmade. Craftsmanship and passion'. How do you apply this in your job?

Quality and passion are terms that we apply to the products that we sell but in my job, it is also important that I show this in our communication to our customers. We would like to show the world that we have a passion for our job and products, but we have to translate that in beautiful photos, texts and videos, but also packaging. Everyone in our company is really passionate about what we do and it is my job to translate that passion on our website, social media and other promotion materials.

Which 'Tembo values' do you think are suitable and important for The Eenhoorn and The Olifant?

Joy and pride is suitable; everyone is really passionate about our products and the heritage in our company. We have pride in what we have achieved with our cigars and with a lot of joy and enthusiasm we work to create the same brand awareness for The Eenhoorn. I think it also touches ‘we keep evolving and adapt to change’. We know that tobacco is a difficult market, but we change our plans and focus more on our other products, coffee and tea, because we can achieve something with that products in the market.

What does the future of Tembo Group with The Eenhoorn and The Olifant look like according to you? 

In my ‘crystal ball’ I see a shift in focus. For years the cigars were our most important product and the main focus was on the production and selling of these products. I hope - despite of the law - we will still be able to produce quality cigars in a beautiful cedar box, but I think we have to focus more on our coffee and tea, because there are opportunities in the market. People are looking for quality products and I think we can deliver that. Besides the quality of the products, we also have a beautiful location where you can get a real feeling of the history, commitment and beauty of our store.

Come and see for yourself, you will not be disappointed.