Working at Tembo: Dennis Goetzens #WeAreTembo

Mechanical Service Engineer
Working at Tembo: Dennis Goetzens #WeAreTembo

My main activity is traveling to customers as a ‘Multipurpose Tool’. As a Service Engineer, my activities can be pretty much everything: from building, testing and installing machines to troubleshooting and relocation services.

A direct crosslink

All of my colleagues have their own specific skills and experience. Therefore, working together we can do nearly any job. I am mainly working on the Ceres Tax Stamp project, now. My colleagues and I are installing the machines at our customer’s factories and are running them up. It is very important to monitor the performance and lifetime of our technology and to listen to the customer’s experiences with it. A new machine always needs attention to bring it up to its optimal level and our technical feedback is very important for future improvements. So we Service Engineers have to be a direct crosslink between ITM and a happy customer.

Part of a process

The process of developing and building our equipment is breathtaking. It is a very long and complicated process. As one of the last in that chain, my colleagues and I carry a lot of responsibility.  We are the ones representing quality and functionality of our equipment before we finally hand over the machine to the customer. Every time I realize how important the power of each individual behind this process is. We all work close together and take on the challenge to reach perfection for growing customer requirements and needs. That’s what makes our company strong, because a company is as good as the people working for it!

Perks of the job

If the job allows for some free time, I usually try to discover the country. Obviously, the best scenario is to become friends with the factory workers and do some activities together. When I look back on my time at ITM, the best memories regarding activities and places were made together with my colleagues and the local people. This job has taken me from my hometown in Germany to Macedonia, Georgia, Bulgaria, Russia, UK, Poland, Romania, the United States, South Africa, Argentina, Mexico and Colombia. Every country offered unique experiences and memories! But what always works is having a beer and exploring local food!