Working at Tembo: Arend Luten #WeAreTembo

Software Engineer

‘I notice that all of us are very dedicated’

Recently, technological progress has gone very fast at Tembo. Our machines have become increasingly reliable and predictable by means of e.g. data analysis. We are always looking for sustainable solutions by revising previously used equipment and materials. And we build flexible, innovative solutions like a modular set-up that makes our machines suitable for multiple applications and industries.

I manage a team of .NETters. In this team, we work together to build our HMI (Human Machine Interface) platform, which enables us to simply display machine operations and properly integrate them with Office and online environments. In this process, I look at the specifications and needs of our clients and present these to my team.

We also constantly look at new technological trends and research their possibilities and applications. I enjoy leading this research together with students through Perron 038 Zwolle.

Each project is another challenge due to the product, time and technical aspects. With the vast amount of expertise we have at our disposal, it’s always great to be able to make a project a success.

I notice that all of us are very dedicated to our work. It’s infectious, and leads to fast-paced interaction and enjoyment. I see this dedication in the process and knowledge of the machines, but also in the collective activities we do in addition to our jobs like running the marathon, the Tembo cover band, courses and Friday afternoon drinks.