Working at Tembo: Danielle Roxborough #WeAreTembo

Business Development Manager
Working at Tembo: Danielle Roxborough #WeAreTembo

I started working at SPI in March 2015, where I was offered a temporary contract as project manager. SPI was involved with TABEXPO in 2015. TABEXPO was a memorable moment for me, because it was the first project that I managed and the success of it would determine if I was to receive a full time contract. I feel that it was not only a success, but it also really helped to change the way the industry viewed SPI. Especially with the added backing of Tembo Group, we are true innovators and leaders in adhesive and flavor application systems.

Freedom and self-responsibility

I like that SPI is a creative and forward-thinking company, full of ideas. Every staff member has his or her own expertise. SPI allows employees a lot of freedom to manage and take responsibility of their own work and deadlines. For me it is a nice concept, as I only had little freedom to express my ideas at my former job. I think it is good to allow employees the freedom to be creative. However, this freedom does come with self-responsibility to ensure you perform well. You can’t hide behind anyone else.

Relaxed and productive

We have a relaxed, but productive working environment at SPI, both in my everyday duties within SPI and when working with colleagues from the Tembo group. We frequently hold conference calls to share news. Internally we hold meetings on a regular basis so we can gain the perspective of all stakeholders.

International experience

I enjoy working within our SPI team and I am very happy to work on multiple Tembo group projects as well. I get to travel occasionally where I meet colleagues from other Tembo companies.  It is nice to see so many people across multiple countries, within different groups, work together to succeed. And with SPI joining Tembo, I have developed new skills and ventured into new areas of the organization. Whether I am learning more about the industry, our products or the group’s organization, there is always something to learn.