The Tembo companies

As a fourth generation family company, we value long-term relationships with our employees, suppliers and customers. Even though we have grown to more than 1100 employees and we are expanding activities all around the world, in essence we are still this group of family members, with family values. 

We want to experience joy together and be proud of the solutions we create.

Dynamic, with a long tradition

Since the founding of our group in 1912, Tembo has expanded immensely. The main focus of our Tembo companies is still on developing and manufacturing high-end machines for our customers in dynamic industries. In addition, some of our companies focus on product engineering or continuous improvement in high volume production.

Together we build great solutions

On a daily basis, our companies do different things and experience joy in their own expertise. Together we build great solutions, that our customers adapt in a dynamic world.

Worldwide group of companies

We work for customers worldwide. We have a strong base in Europe (The Netherlands, Poland, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Germany) and Dominican Republic (Latin America). In addition, we have service centres in USA, Russia, South-Africa and Malaysia. In total, Tembo comprises more than a dozen different companies, in twenty different cities worldwide.

Family values determine our culture

The fact that we are a family-owned group of companies, determines our culture. We value long-term relationships with our customers, as well as with our employees and suppliers. Our companies do not focus on quick-wins, but have long-term goals. We want a sustainable future for our companies, employees and our surroundings. Which is why we invest in environmental and social projects.