Working at Tembo: Ron Wilders #WeAreTembo

Warehouse Employee
Working at Tembo: Ron Wilders #WeAreTembo

At EME Engel I am a warehouse employee, but because my colleagues regularly work abroad, I take care of everything that is needed. I help my colleagues in making parts, record the working hours of colleagues and update orders in our systems. The variety really appeals to me.

Happy customers 

If a customer comes up with an idea about a small change in its product, at EME Engel we think critically and we will try to do it differently, so it will work better! Our customers are very pleased with this way of thinking and working.

Outstanding professionals  

With our team of outstanding professionals, we can make excellent products at EME Engel. The fact that we have developed an entirely new technique with our team for making pouches, for example to use in washing machine or dishwasher, makes me proud. I think we are quite unique in what we do.

Room for personal development 

EME Engel is a nice company to work for. The company is enabling all employees to enter courses and it gives us plenty of opportunities to develop ourselves.  Soon I will start an Excel course to extend my basic knowledge to a more advanced level. Change within a company is sometimes seen as negative, but I applaud changes. I find it interesting to learn new methods, in order to be able to work more efficiently.

Staff activities

We try to do something with all the colleagues about two or three times a year. That could be an evening of snooker, or dining with the staff and their partners. Traditionally we close every year with dinner and drinks with all colleagues and former employees.