Working at Tembo: Jeroen Dammers #WeAreTembo

Electronics developer
Working at Tembo: Jeroen Dammers #WeAreTembo

I started working at Tricas as an intern. After my graduation, they offered me a permanent job and I am an electronic engineer for a year now. I am developing prototypes and making test setups for different products. What I like the most is coming up with and creating new products, thinking out-of-the-box.

Personal work environment

Tricas is a very informal and innovative company. I feel like the owners stand next to their employees. Because it is a small company, it feels very personal. Our 16 employees have lunch together every day. We laugh a lot within our team and we correct each other where needed. We also go together to lectures and other info meetings in order to grow as a team.

Integration and freedom

I am getting a lot of freedom at Tricas. This is normal because I am the only electronic engineer at this company; the rest is engaged in industrial design and mechanical engineering. I am getting the freedom to manage my own work schedule and I have a challenging role here. We get together regularly to share our developments on our work and projects that we are in together. I really appreciate the integration between mechanical engineering and electronical engineering.  


The company is involved in many different projects in different sectors. We experiment a lot and the company always strives toward innovation. Where for others it might be appealing to work for a company that specializes, for me Tricas is the ideal company.