Employee interview at Tembo: Leonie Snoeijer #WeAreTembo

ITM Kampen
Officer Sales Support
Employee interview at Tembo: Leonie Snoeijer #WeAreTembo

"I started at ITM at the Export department in 2012. I’ve had a very good time here, especially because of the nice and informal atmosphere. After 5 years I was ready for a new challenge. The best part was that ITM wanted to help me and that I have found a new job in the organization as sales support officer at ITM Services."

ITM values input by employees

"The freedom to grasp opportunities and to work on own initiatives is what I like the most about ITM. You are supported and encouraged to do the thing that you believe in. One of the priorities of our sales support department is to be of the very best service to our customers, “passion to serve”. Bearing this in mind, my colleagues and I have started several projects, like measuring our customer-satisfaction and the promotion of our e-commerce platform. In a dynamic company like ITM, there’s a lot to do. Ideas are welcome all the time."

Together standing strong

"I also enjoy the collegiality at our office. We are a team and everyone – all departments included – is willing to help one another. In this I see the connection with technology in our company. Through the cooperation I receive a lot of ins and outs from what’s happening in the organization. This cooperation is crucial for a dynamic organization like ITM."