Krista Fixe

De Eenhoorn
Junior Website Manager
Krista Fixe

I started working at the Eenhoorn as a junior website manager 4 years ago. De Eenhoorn offered me a unique opportunity by letting me set up the website for the company, even though I did not have any work experience yet. Soon, this became my own project. My colleagues trusted my abilities and they gave me a lot of tasks and great responsibility from the beginning. At the same time, one of my colleagues took me by the hand and she taught me a lot. I truly appreciated that. 

Personal development

Before I started full time at De Eenhoorn as website manager, I was a part-time barista next to my study Communication. I already liked the company then, because of the freedom I was getting.  This was not just for me; every employee is getting the opportunity to develop him or herself and come up with own ideas, like bringing new products on our menu.

I like to inspire our customers with our diverse products and making sure to give them the best time when they come to visit our company.  What I like most about my job is that I am being actively involved in the organization. I am still learning every day.

Close contact

There is a lot of communication at De Eenhoorn. We start every morning with a cup of coffee and discuss what we are currently working on. We have lunch together every Wednesday. One of us takes care of the lunch every week. On Thursday we have lunch together with the employees at De Olifant, who work in the same building. In this way, we keep in close contact with all of our colleagues.

Quality and passion

I am very proud to say that I am working at De Eenhoorn. The company always guarantees quality and every employee works with a lot of passion. It is an innovative company, they always strive towards improvement. You never know what is coming next and that is something I absolutely love about De Eenhoorn.