Working at Tembo: José Arturo Santana Vargas #WeAreTembo

Mechanical Engineer
Working at Tembo: José Arturo Santana Vargas #WeAreTembo

For almost six years, José Vargas has been working for GTS/SCM and its division PMP Dominicana. As a mechanical engineer, he makes precision machine parts at PMP Dominicana.

“GTS/SCM started the PMP Dominicana division only five months ago and already our four machines and six employees are fully booked, mostly with creating parts for GTS/SCM.”

Being part of a worldwide group

“One of the wonderful things of being part of a worldwide group is that we can expand very quickly. I just went to the Netherlands, for two weeks, to practice with new machines. Twelve to fifteen machines will be shipped to Dominican Republic soon. This will give us the opportunity to make all parts needed at GTS/SCM ourselves, and enables us to make parts for other companies as well.”

Extra possibilities in capabilities

With the new machines, PMP Dominicana can do grinding, welding, cutting, milling and bending. “Especially the bending machine is wonderful. It has various dies, so the bending machine will offer us many possibilities. And all machines are looking great from the safety perspective.”

Company values employees

As of being part of an international group of companies, GTS/SCM and PMP Dominicana are perhaps a little bit different from other Dominican companies. José knows what he appreciates most in his job. “The chance to grasp opportunities and the value the company has for me and my colleagues. I am free to express different solutions. This is because we do not see problems, but opportunities to make things better. We keep improving every day. That I got the chance to go to Europe for training, with two of my colleagues, is just an example of this.”