Werken bij Tembo: Michael Krekels #WeAreTembo

Electrical and controls engineer
Werken bij Tembo: Michael Krekels #WeAreTembo

“A little while ago, I was at a customer site for three days. They experienced several problems with some of the control systems we at ITM Germany had developed. When I left, all problems were solved and I had gained some new ideas to improve our software.”

Involved from development to service

“This is what I like about my job. At ITM Germany I am involved in the complete process. At the office I develop and test ideas for improvements in our electrical and control systems. I go to customers to start up new machines, with our control systems, and I go to customers to support them when needed.”

Hooked, by taking one look

When first started at ITM Germany, in 2013, Michael was mainly working in the workshop, wiring the electrical system in the cabinet. “During my job interview at ITM Germany, they told me I did not have the right education to be part of the service team, but I could start working as an electrical engineer. I was sold immediately. They showed me the cabinets; the high volumes and the high precision these electrical and control systems had to reach, were immensely impressive. And still, I am impressed. Everytime I look at one of our machines, I discover new details.”

Back to school

From September 2014 Michael took a break from ITM Germany, to go back to school, to become a graduated electrical engineer to start at the developing and servicing part of ITM Germany. “During my study, I stayed in contact with ITM Germany. I worked here during the holidays and they gave me the opportunity to do my graduation assignment with the company. Together with fellow students, I developed the filter measuring station, me and my colleagues now use in our daily work.”

International colleagues become friends

“I think this is the best job ever. Because we travel a lot, sometimes I do not see my German colleagues for months. But we keep in touch; I can always call them for support and we like to share stories when we are back in the office together. Meanwhile, I work closely with my colleagues from ITM Poland: some of them feel like friends by now and we are enjoying our time abroad together. “