Gabino Sanchez

Mechanical Engineer
Gabino Sanchez

"In 2017, I entered TDC doing a Smart Minor together with 13 other students. After the minor TDC offered me a contract, I didn’t need much time for consideration: Yes, I’d love to! At the moment I am a Junior Engineer, but I feel that I am developing rapidly to Mechanical Engineer, thanks to the tutoring at TDC."

Learned more than at school

"The best thing about working here is the fact that I learn so much, in my opinion even more than at school. I am learning in the workplace, during my day-to-day work, from colleagues, but also from other activities. Already during our minor, the company made us go to a fair in Germany – as students – and not long after that we were offered to go to our sister company ITM Poland. TDC helps me to develop my knowledge, and that is something that I am really glad about!"

No issue too big

"The engineers here at TDC deal with all problems that cross their paths. I think that for my colleagues, there are no issues that are too difficult to solve. When I look around at TDC, I see the flexibility towards the customer and the continuous desire to develop better solutions. These are things that I think are special."