Arne Nieuwenhuis

Marketing intern
Arne Nieuwenhuis

At ITM I am included in decisions and projects all the time. I write texts and provide input for the (new) website, I help organizing projects and events and I am partly responsible for internal communication. The best thing about working at the marketing department is that I am in contact with other departments to gather information. Because of this I am up to date about the latest goings-on at our company.

A good first impression

During my first day at ITM I directly experienced the informality of the company; I met colleagues from all layers of the organisation. Best thing about ITM: it is very international, with establishments throughout the entire world. I am located at the head office and here I see the international aspect through the different languages that are spoken down the hallway. At this first day at ITM I already had a conversation in Spanish with a colleague. People take the time to listen to me, which I appreciate, especially as an intern.

Precursor in innovation

Innovation and the desire to be a precursor is something that I am impressed by every day. It makes me proud about my employer. There is plenty of space for new ideas and initiatives. My study allows me to move in different directions. I am not certain about which way to go, but within marketing I feel very good at ITM.