Master Graduation Assignment Data Science: Industry 4.0

Tembo - Kampen (NL)
August 17, 2020

Tembo is a worldwide group of high-tech companies in mechanical engineering. As a forerunner in high speed and high precision technology, we place ourselves at the top worldwide. With more than 1100 employees, we are an enterprising, international and dynamic family business. Currently, the entire mechanical engineering industry is looking at the next generation of production machinery.

At Tembo we investigate the impact of industry 4.0. In this project you will get a look at how the Research & Development department in Kampen is trying to answer that question. 

What will you do?

We are looking for a student to join a multidisciplinary team of industry and university professionals in the field of machine vision, data engineering and data science. You will work on the subsidized Prisma project where the solutions you find will not become a company secret for the next ten years, but instead will be used in lots of different ways by Tembo and her project partners. Partners are from industry, universities, colleges, institutes and foundations. They are AWL, IMS, University of Twente, Windesheim, Fraunhofer Project Center and Perron038. The cities Zwolle and Kampen will be your workplace. 

What Use Case do we have in mind?

  • Leakage check of detergent pods inside a stand-up bag or box, with a thermographic imaging. The idea is to develop a smart vision algorithm which recognizes a leaky pod or leakage inside a container.

Do you fit the requirements?

  • You are interested in Machine Vision, Algorithm Development
  • You are following a study related to engineering (perhaps more focused on mechanical engineers, but anybody with the interest and skills can apply)
  • You have a Master thesis assignment

What's our time frame?

  • Start in September: work on algorithms from ground up, including software selection, pre-processing and data quality.
  • Start in December: work on algorithm testing and refining, up until a working proof of concept. (Somewhere in between is also possible. There are different options which might suit a student’s agenda further.)
  • Duration of 9-12 months

Are you interested to learn more? Please apply today and we will contact you as soon as possible!